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Liana Cuffman 2013-09-06
I love what you do. Keep up the good work.
From: Virginia
Maryls Anderson 2013-04-23
: We have returned from Arizona and picked up your box of caps. Thank you so much for your donation for our troops. In February we sent over 2,300 caps to Fort Drum NY for their deployment and I'm currently shipping 100 a month to a hospital in Landstuhl Germany where our injured troops are sent from Afghanistan. God Bless you all for your support Marlys Anderson
Penny J 2011-03-25
Hello ! I saw someone's message on www.Knittingparadise.com when they first joined & was very touched by your efforts.I belong to a knit/crochet group in Port St. Lucie Florida, where some of us are "snowbirds". Our group was given some yarn/supplies by a man whose wife had passed away. I felt it would be good to find a worthy group that could use our talents in making hats, scarves, mittens from the donated yarn to continue to "pay it forward". After researching quite a bit, Nimble Fingers on the Prairie was chosen. Those of us who wish to participate have already begun making hats/scarves/mittens. This will continue until early October, when we'll ship a carton of our donations out to you....if that's OK....unless you'd like to have them earlier. PLese let me know. God Bless you and your efforts. Penny
From: Florida
Diane Dean 2011-03-25
I just found your site, a group of us here in Florida, have undertaken a project of knitting/crocheting hats for needy kids in this area. Although my home is Ontario, for the past few years we have been in Florida and can't get over how cold the winter months can be here. Unfortunately people here are not equipped to deal with the cold and hence our project. We started in November and distributed 60 caps to needy kids. Our goal for this next year is 500 caps. We are always looking for easy patterns and ideas for teaching kids within the community to learn these crafts.
From: Florida/Ontario
Terry 2010-12-04
Wow!!!! 1,160 items donated in October 2010. That is awesome. Thank you for the great service you are doing.
LeAne 2010-12-04
I found this site while searching for charities too. I love to knit and crochet and love to help out charities as much as I can.
From: Brainerd, MN
Carol H. 2010-03-10
I found your site while searching for charities to do volunteer knitting for. Since I also reside in the "cold north", and also have grandchildren of my own, I would very much like to donate articles I knit to your organization. I will tell my friends who knit about you also. Keep up the good work that you do for the children and I will contact you when I get some pieces completed.
From: Turtle Lake, WI
Madeline 2009-11-25
I recently started a new blog about charity knitting in Minnesota and I am happy to list your organization. "Madeline Knits"
From: Minnesota
Dean 2009-11-22
What a great story in the Fergus Falls Daily Journal about your organization. You and your volunteers are truly living the life philosophy that "we should never become so emotionally comfortable that we forget the comfort of others." I lived in Fergus Falls for 5 years and my parents continue to reside there. It is an area full of "Minnesota Nice" !!
Lynn 2009-11-11
Marybeth is a hero in my eyes.. She is such an inspiration to what charity is and should be all about..
From: Northern Michigan
Sarah 2009-11-05
I think this is a great way to get involved helping the community. Although I do not live in the north right now, I would love to contribute. I have started a hat, mitten & scarf set for a young girl. I hope to have one for a young boy completed and sent to you also before the weather turns cold.
From: Houston, TX
susan 2009-05-11
Hello there, I happened upon this site and I think it's great. I plan on making my grandson the garter stitch hat. Thanks for the pattern. Take care!
From: Orangeville, Canada

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